Not All Who Wander Are Lost


Hello my lovely peeps! It’s me Patti Neptune here with another blog post from Windenburg. Ugh life sure has been hard since I arrived at school. I mean here I am swatting at bugs out in my tent but I can see the students through the window of the school all giggly and happy and it makes me sad! Well it did anyway until one night the head mistress Ms. Miller was taking out the trash. She noticed me camped out on the lawn and was impressed with my ability to keep up with my studies despite my current living situation. She was so impressed actually that she decided to camp out here with me to teach me how to forage and help me with my studies. She is an incredible lady and is quickly becoming one of the best friends I ever had. As part of my studies today we took in the sights over at the ruins. I have decided that I really enjoy photography and I am making a little extra cash on the side with some of the landscaping shots I have been taking around the island. Ms. Miller says I have a real knack for it. Perhaps its a little of that old Starborn magic shining through?! I guess I will let all my lovely followers decide. o:)

Ta Ta for now!
♥ Patti


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