Tip Toe-ing Through the Tulips

And the day came

So I have been wandering around this breathtaking island of mine gathering resources for cash to help me and Ms. Miller survive. And today as I glanced upon this beautiful bluebell plant I couldn’t help but wonder….What is the point of flowers in my world? I mean sure I can harvest wild plants or buy seeds and plant them on my lot…spend days toiling in the dirt to make them thrive and then sell them for a quick buck. Fantastic! But don’t you feel like something as beautiful as a flower deserves more respect than that?!

I mean how cool would it be to grab a cup of coffee down at the coffee shop, then walk with my said cup of java while chatting with my friend to the florist shop across the street. Then said friend and I could window shop “oohing and aaahing” over the gorgeous arrangements inside for fun. Then we find a bouquet that we love, walk through the door which of course dingle dingles to let the shopkeeper know that we have arrived. We purchase the bouquet that stole our hearts and squeal with glee…but wait are those fresh cut daffodils? Oh my wouldn’t they look lovely in that beautiful vase Ms. Miller gave me for Christmas! So the shopkeeper of course is more than happy to wrap those fresh buds in some cellophane and off we go with a good day see you next time. Oh what a world it would be with fresh cut flowers to display!

Of course when I arrive home with my bouquet, Ms. Miller has Clara Bjergsen over who admires the blooms then boasts proudly that she works as a florist in town and she finally makes enough money that she can now purchase her very own flower shop! Imagine that! How lucky could one sim be?

After Clara leaves, Ms. Miller has her Garden Gnome club over and she shares clippings with Lucas Munch  so that he can add some prized tulips to his garden at home. Lucas smiles widely and thanks Ms. Miller then skips all the way home. His mother asks what he did at his club meeting today. He replies with a quick “Nothing Mum” then scurries off to his room where he then lists Ms. Millers garden clippings for sale online because no one cares how old you are when you sell things on the internet! Ooooh what a smart little boy. He must aspire to be an entrepreneur?!

(Sniff) Boy these bluebells sure do smells good. I think I will take some home to plant in front of the new trailer that Ms. Miller and I finally upgraded to. Sure its still parked out front of the school but a girl can dream can’t she??








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